Dexter Paulino

Director of Photography   |   Video Producer   |   Video Editor


My first job into the world of entertainment and beauty was in 2008 as a Video Editor for Benefit Cosmetics. Since then, I’ve worked with many clients on a wide range of projects, all of which push me to be more creative each time.

My experience includes managing high-style video productions throughout all technical stages and contributing my expertise in post-production, directing and sound design where needed to deliver on time and within budget. I have in-house corporate experience as the video producer for marketing and creative departments. Highlights of my in-house experiences include collaborating with marketing and creative teams from pre- production to final deliverable, not limited to concept development, storyboarding, shot lists, and casting. What teams find surprising are my negotiating skills when it comes to budgets and usage terms with agencies, DP’s, cast, and music.


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